Here's What's Going On With Our Podcast, 'Yeah But It's Not as Simple as That'

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April 14, 2017, 6:00am

Hey, we've got a podcast.

It attempts to answer all of the questions that Google can't. Questions with complicated, messy answers, like, "Would you spurn sex with someone based on their footwear?" "Should you really quit your crappy job to pursuit your dreams?" And: "Is it harder to quit Instagram than to stop smoking?"

It's called "Yeah, But It's Not as Simple as That", because nothing is as straightforward as it seems.


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Here are the first five episodes in case you missed any of them:

Could You Have Sex With a Stranger Tonight?

It's never been easier to have sex with a stranger. If you're single and on Tinder you could basically go home with someone every single night. But most of us don't do that, and not because we don't like having sex, but because the people we meet somehow don't live up to our standards. Of course, some people are simply tactless or cruel, but mostly it's little things that upset us. Tiny little deal-breakers – a goatee, bad footwear, the word "lush" – that stop us going home with someone. In this episode we're talking about exactly that: deal-breakers – awful restaurant selection, dodgy politics and other things that would make you have a "sudden emergency" after one drink.

Can You Love Someone When You Don't Love Yourself?

In this episode we look at some of the difficult questions around mental health and relationships. Can you break up with someone who's depressed? Should you tell a Tinder date about a mental health problem? How does anxiety affect your sex life? We hear from a couple that broke up because of issues around sex and wellbeing, Emily Reynolds wrestles with the hard questions of dating with mental health problems and the artist Hannah Perry makes a case for rethinking our attitudes to "mad" behaviour.

Should You Quit Your Crappy Job?

Unemployment is a real problem for a lot of people, and one we spend a lot of time talking about. But there's also the more niggling first-world problem of being stuck in a job that was just supposed to be a stop-gap, feeling under-motivated, wanting to quit but fearing the lack of security. When's the right time to quit your job? We hear from people who tried it with wildly varying results, then Joel Golby give us his Cosmo-style "Should you quit your job?" quiz.

Is Social Media an Addiction?

Most of us accept that we're a bit hooked on social media, but for a lot of people it goes further than that. This week we hear from three people whose lives have been changed by social media: a junkie who can't quit Instagram, a writer who didn't like it when Twitter turned on him and a VICE writer who has an unusual relationship with her Facebook stalker.

Is Smoking Weed Effectively Legal Now?

Some police forces have stopped prosecuting people for possessing small amounts of cannabis, instead diverting them into government programmes if they're caught. Does that mean weed is basically legal now? We hear from the police, weed smokers and people who've been caught in the act to find out the legal status of weed in the UK.

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