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DJ Lani Love Found Tracks for "Grown and Sexy" Parties

The Last Record: The Los Angeles-based DJ selects tracks from GoldLink, Reva Devito, and Yellow Claw.
Photo of DJ Lani Love via the artist.

Whether it's for playing out at a club or listening at home, DJs and producers typically have an encyclopedic hoard of music, new and old. In The Last Record, they tell us about the last three songs or albums they've purchased, and why these were important additions to their music collection.

This week, we spoke to Los Angeles-based DJ Lani Love. Find Lani Love with Ana Sia at Brand Niu, a monthly party taking place at General Lee's, and Love Castle with DJ Bounce Castle at Resident in Los Angeles and East Room in Chicago.


Reva Devito "Kisses"

This track came out a few years ago, but I only recently discovered it. I've been playing it non-stop along with a handful of other tracks produced by B Bravo. Just a couple weeks ago, I saw Reva DeVito and B Bravo perform together and it solidified my love for this track. It's a great song for earlier in the night and setting the mood for a grown and sexy night.

GoldLink ft Ciscero "Fall In Love"

This song is another great track for grown and sexy parties. I love everything about this track: the drums, bassline, etc. It's the perfect balance of chill and bouncy like many of Kaytranada's signature productions.

Yellow Claw "Invitation"

I can't get enough of that moombahton swing. It's something everyone can dance to, and I've been able to incorporate this track into so many of my sets regardless of genre of party theme.