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Watch Sufjan Stevens’s Full ‘Carrie & Lowell’ Concert Film

Asthmatic Kitty put the 94-minute film online yesterday.

Sufjan Stevens's 2015 LP Carrie & Lowell was a tribute to his parents, a delicate depiction of childhood, and, if you're keeping track (Stevens isn't), the Oregon component of the long-ago-discarded-but-still-fun-to-think-about "50 States Project." Yesterday, Stevens released a live album, Carrie & Lowell Live, a recording of his 16-song set from November 9, 2015 performance at North Charleston Performing Arts Centre. You can download the album in high quality and order the whole thing on vinyl on Stevens's Bandcamp page.


Alongside the release, Stevens made the unorthodox but welcome move of releasing a feature-length film of that night's performance for free online. From the lush arrangements to the stained-glass visuals onstage, everything is meticulously designed and well executed. Even the closer, a performance of "Hotline Bling" with Gallant, works when it has no right to. Watch the video in full above via Stevens's Asthmatic Kitty label.

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