Get Lost in the Cosmic Slop of Nico Niquo's New Track

The Australian producer and composer returns to Orange Milk with "Rendered" from his new album 'In a Silent Way.'
January 27, 2017, 3:35pm
The album cover of Nico Niquo's 'In a Silent Way'

If Spiritualized and Gravity hadn't taught us that floating in space was so terrifying, the weightless experience might sound something like "Rendered," the new track from the Australian producer Nico Niquo. Distant pads provide a bedrock for a colorful latticework of more insistent synthesizers, which lend themselves quite nicely to imagining the grandeur and majesty of the cosmos, extending outward infinitely in every direction, occasional orbs of light, heat, and gravity the only landmarks in the nothingness. It's somewhere between Mumdance's zero-g grime and Klaus Schulze's otherworldly drones, settling lightly in the sweet spot between the here and hereafter.


This is the sort of work that Nico—born Nico Callahan—has become adept at since starting work under the moniker a couple of years ago. Callahan's released a couple of shimmery and hallucinatory collections of ambient music, including the memorably graceful Epitaph for the perennial purveyors of cosmic slop at Orange Milk Records. That label will also issue Niquo's new record In a Silent Way—from which "Rendered" is drawn—on February 24, which is exciting news for anyone who feels the need to take a trip from the world for a little bit (or for anyone who gets stoked about Miles Davis references).

Check out the new track below and the album art up above and head over to Orange Milk's Bandcamp page to preorder the new release either on LP or digitally.