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The Man Who "Changed" His Name to Kraftwerk Had a Kraftwerk-Themed Wedding

It was, appropriately, a black-tie (and red shirt) affair.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Last year, news surfaced of a Kraftwerk fan—otherwise known as David Sanborn—so devoted that he "changed" his last name (read: Photoshopped his driver's license) in tribute to the pioneering electronic music group. As Tampa Bay, Florida publication Creative Loafing reports, Sanborn yesterday got married, and as you'd expect, the occasion was an all-out Kraftwedding.

According to Creative Loafing, the lucky Autobride is Jennifer Huber, who is affectionately referred to as Sanborn's "enabler" in a set of Flickr photos documenting his Kraftwerk love. The pair said their "I dos" at Ella's Americana Folk Art Café in Tampa, where they both DJ at the restaurant's Wax Wednesday nights.They were married by record store owner and ordained minister Keith Ulrey. Looking at photos on the night, it seems guests and the wedding DJ all dressed appropriately for the black-tie affair—and by that, we mean they wore Kraftwerk's iconic red button-up shirts and black ties.

Check out a photo of the nuptials below, and view the rest over at Creative Loafing.