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Jackmaster Opens Ramen Restaurant in Glasgow

The restaurant’s name, Ramen Dayo, is Japanese for “This is ramen.”
Photo via Jackmaster's Facebook

Scottish DJ Jackmaster has opened up a ramen restaurant in his hometown of Glasgow, according to an announcement on his Facebook page.

The restaurant, Ramen Dayo (which translates from Japanese to "This is ramen"), was founded in partnership with Numbers affiliates Paul Beveridge and Spencer. As its Facebook page explains, the idea was born of Beveridge's 11 years living in Tokyo, where he became "obsessed" with the popular noodle dish, eating it several times a week as he explored the city's best spots. In 2014, he returned to Glasgow and, lamenting the lack of places to enjoy his favorite food, began the two-year project, which included "cooking for friends at home, researching recipes, and trawling through the internet in Japanese."

Ramen Dayo is located at 9 Gordon Street, where it is open from noon until 10 PM every day. In addition to ramen, the restaurant also serves gyoza, saké, and Japanese cocktails.