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With His Fool's Gold Debut, Could Madeaux Be the Next Porter Robinson?

Listen to the first track "Kill For Me" and decide for yourself.

There he is. Emerging from the swamp of pre-sets and tired samples clogging up SoundCloud, Madeaux (Andrew Berman) might be the next young producer that will keep EDM from eating its own tail. The Miami-born, LA-based artist is dropping his debut EP New Wav on Fool's Gold in September, and we've got the first track—an off-kilter future house number layered with metallic drops, cowbells, and murderous baby voices called "Kill For Me"—streaming above.


Berman landed the Fool's Gold spot when label head honcho A-Trak slid into his DMs on Twitter after stumbling upon his eclectic string of remixes and 2014 debut album, Love the Machine. If that title sounds a bit like Porter Robinson's vocaloid weeper "Sad Machine," it's probably not a coincidence—Berman is signed to the same camp as Robinson (and The M Machine), and has cited Robinson's Worlds as a key inspiration for his pursuit of hybrid live performances over straight DJing.

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The six-track New Wav EP, which drops on September 4, also packs in an A-Trak collab called "Lost In Translation" and a title track with popular EDM vocalist Kaleena Zanders. If you're in LA, catch Berman at Fool's Gold Day Off at the Shrine on September 29.

Madeaux's New Wav EP is out September 4 on Fool's Gold Records. Get it here.