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Listen to Baron Castle's All-Vinyl Mix Ahead of 33/45 | US | Translation

The Sydney-based DJ and producer put together this mix exclusively for THUMP.
Image courtesy of the artist

Once upon a time we were following Baron Castle around his stomping ground of Berlin, where he showed us around the finest underground clubs and those infamous Open Air parties. Now the man of Myth Music and Boiler Room fame has permanently relocated to Sydney where he has tapped into the scene's fetish for the techno capitals sound.

Baron kindly put a exclusive mix together for the THUMP show on FBi Click to commemorate his upcoming gig on April 30th at the Red Rattler called 33/45 vinyl series put on by the legends at Peoples Club. He'll be playing alongside Untzz Records legend Babicka as well as two of Sydney's finest local selectors Ben Fester and Matt Lush.


"It's probably the toughest podcast I've recorded, but I tried to keep it to the kind of records that I will play at the 33/45 warehouse party, so it's Techno focused with a bit of Electro thrown in for good measure." He told THUMP. "Felt a bit strange to bang it out like that to myself, so I definitely found myself pulling back at points when in a party situation I would have gone a bit faster and harder. So you'll have to come to the party to hear the other records I wanted to play."


1. Lamaze - Ghoul Stomp [Bliq]

2. Roman Poncet - Marguerite [Figure]

3. Young Male - Black Satin Fan

4. [White Material]4. Skudge - Faux [Skudge]

5. Wata Igarashi - Ciphers [Midgar]

6. Ben Buitendijk - King Cobra [Oblique]

7. Invite - Phonology [Invite's Choice]

8. Morgan Louis - Donnoo [White Material]

9. Marcus Suckut - Shibuya Crossing [Sckt]

10. Kalawila - Bhati Dilwan [Boss]

11. Truncate - Model 1 [Truncate]

12. Israel Vines - Gatekeepers [Eye Teeth]

13. Somewhen - TAS [Sana]

14. Patrik Skoog - No End In Sight [Sample Hold]

15. Coeter - 145 [Nulabel]

16. A Sagittariun - Wave Upon Wave [Elastic Dreams]

17. Roman Poncet - Vicious [Figure]

18. tobias. - Go [Wagon Repair]

19. Fred P - Storm Clouds [The Corner]

Peoples Club's 33/45 - Vinyl Series # 1 takes place on the 30th of April at the Red Rattler. The bill is obscene boasting the likes of Babicka, Baron Castle, Ben Fester and Matt Lush. Get your tickets here, before it's too late.

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