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A house legend comes thru for an hour of dancefloor deviance.

Most of us were shuffling fake IDs and sneaking into seedy basement clubs when we were 20 years old, but not Marc Kinchen, aka MK. He was too busy climbing the Billboard Dance/Club charts with era-defining jams like "Burning" and his 1992 No.1 single "Always" (featuring vocalist Alana). With these early tracks, the Detroit-born producer introduced an infectious new sound to the club world—one reliant on piano-keys, bass hits, and expertly tweaked vocals that would ignite any dancefloor you dropped them on. But after a string of more hits in which the term "MK Dub" became synonymous with "certified banger," Kinchen went quiet, and proceeded to produce tracks for some of the world's biggest pop stars, most notably becoming the in-house producer for a guy named Will Smith.


Fast forward to the final weeks of 2015, and Kinchen's towering frame is hard to miss. He's re-emerged as one of the most in-demand DJs on the circuit, as well as returning to the the studio to pump out even more tracks, like his recent "Bring Me To Life (Dub IV)" for Ultra and remixes for Diplo. To celebrate his new track featuring vocalist Milly Pye, Kinchen's sent over a MIXED BY that features some of his most lauded tracks and remixes from the last year, as well as some tunes he's feeling from around the world. Enjoy below.