You Can Finally Watch the First Trailer for 'Blade Runner 2049'

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling star in the sequel to the 1982 cult classic.
December 19, 2016, 5:35pm

Fans of the cult 1982 original have anxiously waited quite a long time for a glimpse of the Blade Runner 2049 sequel, and now the first teaser from the film has finally been released. The trailer stars Harrison Ford, who was in the original, and Ryan Gosling, who is a new addition to the cast, and stages an ominous encounter between them in what appears to be an abandoned desert estate.

Greek synthesist Vangelis' soundtrack for the original film is widely regarded as some of the most influential electronic music ever. With that hanging over his head, Tim Hecker collaborator Jóhann Jóhannsson has got big shoes to fill for commissioned work on 2049. Based on what we're hearing in the trailer, though, it seems like he's giving it his all, giving a contemporary spin on bewitching dystopian soundscapes.

The storyline of Blade Runner 2049 takes place thirty years after the events of the first film, and involves Gosling as LAPD Officer K seeking out Ford as Rick Deckard in order to save society from total dissolution. It comes directed by Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve.

In October, Jóhannsson put together a playlist of some of his favorite mythical and futuristic music, including Cocteau Twins, Alvin Lucier, Current 93, and more.

The film will be in theaters October 6, 2017.

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