Tune into the Russian Underground with This Guest Mix by Pixelord

The Moscow-based producer's turned in an hour of exclusives in support of a brand new EP on Nightwave's Heka Trax imprint.
December 6, 2016, 4:17pm

Alexy Devyanin likes to be thought of as a cyber-futurist and electronic sound artist, which probably goes down really well on the Russian Tinder scene. Or at least better than it would if you tried it during a weekend city break in Basildon. Devyanin's better known to most of us as Pixelord, the forward-thinking Moscow-based producer and DJ who's spent the last few years fusing grime with footwork and bass music, releasing club-ready mutants on labels like Error Broadcast, Leisure System, Infinite Machine, and Hit & Hope.


Devyanin can now add Heka Trax—the fantastic imprint run by firm THUMP fave Nightwave—to that list. Last week saw the release of his super-heavy Heart.Beat EP, which came backed with remixes by up and coming producers FreshtillDef and Otik. We liked the release so much that we ask the man himself to delve through his digital crates and assemble a mix for us.

The result, which you can hear below, sees him collating a veritable feast of previously unreleased material and exclusives from himself and an assortment of other Russian producers. This is for frozen wastelands and dimly-lit basements; horizontal club music for abandoned buildings. Get it on now.


Pixelord - Unreleased
Pixelord - Gear Soul [Part 2]
Henksy Beats - Streets of Fire
Pixelord - Heart.beat
Pixelord- Robo (Broken Haze remix)
El Ched- Unreleased
Pixelord - Heart.beat (Otik Remix)
TryTryDieDown - Swift Dodeca
Lil Crack - Tactical Violence
Fisky - High Res
Koloah - Breath
Tyoma - Haze
Pixelord - Twisted Zone (FreshtillDef Remix)
Subjex - Traps of Perception
Deft - Ivory Tusk
Pixelord - Axis (live version)
Pixelord - Metal Mutant

Pixelord's Heart.Beat EP is out now on Heka Trax and you can grab it here.