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India's Newest Indie Label Just Dropped Its First Compilation

"FRNDS & FMLY '16" out now.

What huge metropolis is an international tech hub and has a killer music scene? It's not San Francisco, it's Bangalore.

The Indian city has recently seen a massive influx of artists and musicians taking up residence there. For a sample of the talent that the city is producing, look no further than the compilation put out by the Bangalore-based label ConsolidateFRNDS & FMLY '16.

Consolidate was founded by producer Rahul Giri, a.k.a. _RHL, first as a Facebook page in 2013. The label became an official entity with the release of Peach Tea Since July, a collaborative track featuring electro-acoustic group Machli, and producers Disco Puppet and Skippy.

FRNDS & FMLY '16 arrives as the label's first full-length feature. Included are tracks by _RHL, Disco Puppet, Oceantied, Worm's Cottage, and Aerate Sound. Two non-Bangalore artists—Pardafash (Delhi), and Zubin Aroz and Aniruddh Menon (Dubai)—also contribute to the compilation. It is available on Bandcamp, but you can stream it below.