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THUMP Hits ADE's Inaugural Dockyard Festival

A look at Amsterdam’s one-of-a-kind event launched amidst brick warehouses, cranes and tracks.

All photos by Alec Thomas

Dockyard Festival at the NDSM Werf in Amsterdam was a unique, one-of-a-kind event on the ADE itinerary: three tents, incredible music and a shipyard location along the city's north bank, which has been recently recognized as a core for creative urban expression.

Caught between water and land—amidst the Dutch capital's brick warehouses, slipways, cranes and tracks—the Werf radiated a sturdy yet derelict character. It was raw and full of energy, with the sawing, drilling and hammering of the past replaced by the beats of DJs punching through the air.


Resembling a futuristic dystopia, this atmosphere was especially striking in the Mystic Garden space, where a Deeperfect VS. FACT showcase played host to the distinguished likes of Wankelmut, Luna City Express, Anja Schneider, Hobo and Stefano Noferini.

In order to fully document the inaugural Dockyard Festival experience, THUMP had photographer Alec Thomas on hand to capture the sights, lights and spirit of the night.

A lineup worth writing home about is one that spans different genres, audiences and dance cultures.

Just a little glimpse of Amsterdam's dance music community.

Organic Dutch delicacies being served up as fuel for the footwork.

The Pllek scaffolding where food and refreshments are enjoyed by the growing crowd.

Surrounding structures that express the NDSM's maritime heritage.

The point of no return into the Mystic Garden.

Anja Schneider doing her hypnotic thing to the spellbound masses.

The Mobilee Records founder proving yet again why she is a perpetual motion machine.

Getting lost in the moment.

Hobo representing Canada with his hard-charging, minimalistic stylings.

Beams of light cascading across the sky.

A longtime champion of house music in all its forms, Stefano Noferini takes the stage.

The legendary dance-floor destroyer in full effect.

Creatures of the night retreating back into the darkness.

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