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NORTHMIX: Layton Giordani

Before his Canadian debut in Toronto, the Output regular presents his driving techno sound.

Layton Giordani is a young DJ from the belly of New York City, whose hard-hitting has been driving him to the forefront of the new, underground generation.

As an advocate of the heavyweight techno vibe, its Layton's versatility, both in the studio and on the decks, that has garnered the 22-year-old such immense support. From Sam Paganini and Carl Cox's radio-shows, to Deadmau5's closing night set at the late, great Guvernment (may it rest in peace), his sound is stretching far and wide.


Layton is beginning to tour, albeit slowly. He has already played in some of America's best venues, including Miami's famous Treehouse and New York's Webster Hall. Despite the size of some of these venues, Layton's method to DJing entails intimacy and sincerity. "When I play records I like to go on a journey, but I like to keep certain features that help define me as a DJ. I always like to keep this 'gritty' element. It's hard to describe, but something of an earthy-live tone to my mixes. Nothing too digital."

His foundations in New York have blossomed into a strong relationship with Brooklyn's most notorious den of vice, Output. Playing the venue on a near monthly basis, Layton constantly has the opportunity to play with some of techno's finest. "[Playing] with guys like Len Faki or Adam Beyer I knew that I could keep my 'Layton Giordani' sound very prominent in those sets. Something more on the techno side," he said.

His unofficial residency is also presenting him with the challenge of stepping outside of his raw sound. "[Playing] with artists like John Digweed, I have to really dig in the crates and find that deeper melodic stuff that I can still have my identity in."

When we asked Layton to create a NORTHMIX for us, he used the opportunity to present a snippet of that set. Although a seemingly melodic live mix for the techno manufacturer, his mix builds naturally, emphasizing his versatility on the 1s-&-2s.


"My views on an opening DJ are really important. They must study the main acts sound before they put their play list together," he said. "Sometimes I consider the openers job harder than the main act. It's a big responsibility and duty to start off slow and build the crowd for the main act, without over playing. The opener has to keep the crowd on their toes, warm them up to the point that when the headliner does come on, people are ready."

It's that kind of insight that has gained Layton the respect of the promoters and patrons of Output, resulting in a consistent connection with one of the best crowds in the world. "With Output, each and every experience is different and out of this world. From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave your left with nothing but unforgettable memories."

The young producer is currently making his way north. He will soon celebrate his first Canadian experience, by bringing his NYC techno to one of our own after hour retreats in Toronto?CODA. There's no doubt the true techno-heads of Toronto are prepping a warm welcome for some of Layton's driving techno.

"I heard Canadians know how to party!"

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