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For fans of sex on the beach and throwing pianos out windows.

Woolfy's latest Northmix is the musical equivalent of having sex on a beach while the sky explodes. Despite releases on DFA Records and Permanent Vacation, Woolfy has stayed relatively under the radar—that is, until the release of his phenomenal City Lights EP on Future Classic. We were fortunate enough to premiere his single "17" not long ago, in an article where I went on the record by saying that it "transported me straight to a modern interpretation of a scene from Albert Camus' L'Etranger." Expecting a more club-oriented affair with this Northmix, I was delighted to open up this hour-long epilogue and find it to be a masterful affair. A mixtape sewn together in a world where Beatport, Hypem, and Kandi cease to exist. It's an absolute trip and it couldn't bring me more happiness even if it had long legs and a short skirt.