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A VCR Player Has a Moment in Toboggan's Music Video for "Save Me" Featuring Rowan Spencer

Some open archive footage, spilled oil, Resolume, and a whole lot of visuals.

Corey Martin is Toboggan, a DJ and web developer from Montreal whose music is on a constant maturation.

Recently detaching from his usual style with samples, Martin is now focusing on producing a more poignant and mellowed sound. His new release, called "Save Me," seems to have emerged from his more sensitive side. It drives with emotive vocals from Rowan Spencer and reeks of Radiohead's audial tendencies.


"My friend, who asked to remain anonymous, made this video with a ton of found open archive footage, some spilled oil, and Resolume," says Martin.

Resolume, an audiovisual performance program, connects video and audio clips with effects to create a cohesive and unique performance, live or recorded. In the music video for "Save Me", as seen above, old footage of parties and concerts are superimposed while pixelated blocks of saturated colours drape over them. It's your family VCR player having a moment—blowing into the inject slot isn't going to help.

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