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Auriént Debuts His Soul-Laced Techno with "Another World"

The LA-based producer/DJ streams his debut release.

Hello World, meet Los-Angeles-based DJ and producer, Auriént. While many choose to merely wade in one end of the genre pool, this budding talent splashes around the entire damn place like he's white-girl wasted at a Las Vegas pool-party. Lucky for all of us, this is not an EDM rager, but rather a tantalizing techno party.

As a teaser to his debut LP Aura Bath, out via Swedish label van Drumpt later this year, Auriént is unleashing the Another World EP, the title-track of which we have streaming above. Imagine the gritty techno of Gesaffelstein colliding with airy, souful calls to the dancefloor À la DJ Falcon and the Ed Banger crew. You'll then find yourself smack dab in the middle of Auriént's "Another World," literally, and figuratively.

Another World will be released Feb. 23rd on digtial download via van Drumpt.

Auriént is on Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter