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Thanks to This Blog, Old Haçienda Nightclub Sets Are Timeless and Available for Download

You've got the retrospective compilations, but now you know how those tracks sounded played to the floor.
Photo of Haçienda by Ben Kelly, courtesy of Ask Me PR

While many hardcore music fans have spent decades studying the labels, bands, and DJs associated with the Haçienda nightclub in Manchester during the 80s and 90s, the unfortunate reality for many of us is that we simply never experienced it firsthand. Sure, we're familiar with the retrospective books and compilations, but it's a whole other thing entirely to actually know how those records sounded in a mix played live for Madchester crowds.


That's what makes the archival site Blog51, named after the club's official designation in its financier Factory Records' catalog, so incredible: it's got mp3s of 73 downloadable sets recorded at the club between 1983 and 1997. Not only has it got recordings of residents Mike Pickering and Graeme Park, but it's also got clips of visiting DJs such as Chicago innovator Frankie Knuckles and influential English rock band The Stone Roses playing live at the venue.

Topping it all off, it's lovingly annotated with personal experiences and observations by a record collector and former Haçienda regular named Andrew Mckim.

Earlier this year, the club's resident acid dealer told us how he put the "acid" in "acid house."

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