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What the Hell Happened at Governors Ball 2015?

Deadmau5 had problems, Lana also had problems, but Bjork looked pretty fly.

Governors Ball just wrapped up its fifth edition at its usual home on New York's Randall's Island, and boy was it an eventful weekend. Here's the TL;DR version of all the shit—both good and bad—that went down over the three-day festival.

Deadmau5's "Thunderdome" Was Nearly A #Fail

Deadmau5 closed out Saturday night with a big surprise: the debut of his new festival rig, "The Thunderdome." The geodesic dome is a mind-boggling technological feat—but right when the big reveal was supposed to happen, the power cut out. Find out what happened next here.


Ryan Adams Started Some EDM Versus Rock Bullshit

I guess Ryan Adams wasn't feeling it. No biggie. Sorry for bass? Whatever. Nice seeing you again too. *shrug* back to my iPod.
— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) June 7, 2015

Ryan Adams was also a closing act on Saturday night, and when Deadmau5's set bled into his, Adams got pissed. Inevitably, the rocker had to talk shit about electronic music, ranting to the crowd, "Try to make this song on your f—king iPhone. This song is not going to match the robot music over there… It's like we're living in a f—king Terminator nightmare!"

Rae Sremmurd's Lil Jimmy Got Too Lit


Bjork Looked Fucking Amazing

Photo by Nieto Dickens

I mean, duh, of course she did. She also performed cuts off Vulnicura, with The Haxan Cloak as her DJ and an orchestra dressed in head-to-toe white. Here's a closeup, and head over to Noisey for more photos.

Photo by Santiago Felipe

Drake Lied

Drake's closing set on Friday night was probably the highlight of the entire festival, and it was sweet. The packed crowd was already super super super psyched, but that wasn't enough for Drizzy. His shoutouts reached dizzying levels of hyperbole, as he repeatedly spouted lines like, "THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING FESTIVAL CROWD I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!" and "THIS IS THE MOST FUN I'VE EVER HAD AT A FESTIVAL!" Really, Drake? Better than kissing Madonna? Even the bros behind me muttered, "Yeah right."

Ezra Koenig Crashed Chromeo and SBTRKT's Sets

Ezra Koenig with Chromeo's Dave 1 (Photo by Nieto Dickens)

Vampire Weekend wasn't on the lineup, but we still got to see quite a bit of Ezra Koenig, who made two separate cameos—once, to sing Vampire Weekend's "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" with Chromeo, and another time to perform his big hit with SBTRKT, "New Dorp. New York."


SBTRKT (Photo by Nieto Dickens)

No One Could Hear Anything at Lana Del Rey

On the final day, everyone was super psyched to see Lana Del Rey. Giving her the main stage seemed like a no-brainer, but the festival goofed, putting her on a smaller, tucked-away stage that just didn't have a big enough soundsystem for the huge crowd. The result: no one could hear her set, and lots of disappointed people ended up leaving. Regardless, Lana still turned out a "blissful" and "perfect" show, according to our friends at Noisey.

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