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Destructo Announces 'West Coast EP' World Tour

The HARD events boss man is taking a month to tour from New York to Barcelona, Tokyo, and back.

Gary Richards, AKA Destructo, is one busy dude. Whether it's his role as the CEO and mastermind of HARD events—the company that brings us mammoth thrown downs like HARD Summer and Holy Ship!—or his work as a producer and touring DJ, the dude does not stop moving for a single second. Just a mere two hours ago A$AP Gary (as his Twitter handle currently reads) announced a world tour to promote his forthcoming West Coast EP, which is forthcoming at a yet-unknown release date.


This EP is a suspected lead-in to Gary's long awaited artist album, whispers of which have been swirling aroud the rumor mill for some time. Word has it that Richards has been working with a number of high-profile artists for his debut LP and that he's lined up both a publishing and label deal for the record. Now all he needs to do is finish the album. Regardless of his suspected album plans, fans of this rave icon and "shipfam" granddaddy will certainly ooh and ah at the site of his Raiders-themed tour flyer, which will be hitting cities from New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, and Ibiza.