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Red Red Krovvy High Five International Women’s Day With a New Record and Video

To celebrate IWD, the Cairns/Sydney/Melbourne band release a new road safety inspired lyric video.

To prove themselves a real band at the upcoming high school 10-year reunion, Cairns/Sydney/Melbourne punk powerhouse Red Red Krovvy have today released their debut LP.

It's apt that the release falls on International Women's Day, as the band's Ash Wyatt is one of the most powerful punk vocalists in Australia. The three piece have also just released a lyric video for the track "Rembrandt Tourist" that guitarist Ben Warnock created after going through some home videos of Cairns television he found at his parents house.


The band are set to go out on the road to play some shows with some of our favourite bands including Sex Drive, Pious Faults, Tim and The Boys, PTSD, Ausemutants and The Native Cats.

Check the video and tour dates below.

Red Red Krovvy's album is available now through Helta Skelta records. 

Red Red Krovvy Australia Tour 2017
March 10 - Brisbane at Common House with Sex Drive, Pious Faults, Bloodletter
March 11 - Ipswich Clever, Povarotti, Johnny Cyrus, Rottem.
March 17 - Sydney Sex Tourists, Pinkbatts, Reserve Game
March 18 - Canberra New Age Group, Tim & The Boys, PTSD
March 24 - Melbourne Ausmuteants, ESP Mayhem, 58008
March 25 - Hobart The Native Cats, All The Weathers

Image provided by Red Red Krovvy.