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The Garden Spent the Day Fucking About in the Sun For This Joyous New Video

“Clay” is the latest release from their recent EP ‘U WANT THE SCOOP?’
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Each year, between the months of October and March, I spend a high percentage of my existence daydreaming about living in the blissful valleys of California, where the sun shines every single day, where there are no responsibilities (in this parallel universe, there are no jobs, but we are all rich) and I just fuck about all day and roll around the streets and LIVE MY LIFE, MAN.

Okay, so the newest video from neo-punk duo The Garden (the twins from Orange County that we've written about multiple times, such as here and here and here) is exactly like the picture I just set up, but in VHS-style music video form. Titled "Clay", from their latest EP U WANT THE SCOOP?, the track is a joyous, lo-fi piece of garage punk, and the clip sees Wyatt and Fletcher Shears bound around the neighbourhood, skateboarding, jumping down stairs and just generally having a very fun and casual time. Fletcher is also in full make up in look that lies somewhere between the joker and Marilyn Manson, so there's that.

Watch the video below, and click here to see their upcoming tour dates in the UK, Europe and the US.

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(Lead image by Pooneh Ghana)