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Deorro Gets Hungry, Goes On Rant at Tomorrowland

Where are my snacks??

You won't like Deorro when he's hungry!

It seems that someone got on the nerves of the American-born Revealed Records star Deorro, as he recently decided to momentarily cancel his participation at the mainstage of Tomorrowland. While, in the end he reversed his decision and decided to take the stage to a packed crowd, this occurance brings up a number of questions around the incident, and the artist. Why would he do something so brash? Is he crazy? Well no, he's not crazy, but he was really mad, and hungry. Deorro arrived to the festival like any other artist, to an output of luxury, a warm welcome from staff, and a guest who was tagging along to see his friend bring his big beats to the mainstage. All things that are a regular happening in the life of a globe-trotting DJ.


Everything was good and pretty until Deorro wanted to aquire some extra grub— because his guest was hungry. Well in pure Oliver Twist fashion, someone at the artist area said, "NO, we won't give you extra food." And Mr. Deorro got in a bit of a tizzy. Read below for what was yet to unfold (even Deadmau5 had to chime in of course):

Fuck @tomorrowland for trying to sell me a food token for my guest wtf. 25 fucking euros I'll buy me and him more than enough outside.

— (@Deorro)

July 18, 2014

Holy shit… @deorro is fuckin goin mental over a food ticket. Sheeeeit

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5)

July 18, 2014

Was it worth to make so much noise around a food ticket? Probably not—but apparently life's tough for a DJ playing in an enchanted green field in a town called Boom. Derro however still managed to play at the Dim Mak stage to a packed crowd. Today, more icing was added to the Deorro-cake as we got noticed by his official Facebook account, that he was drunk and didn't know how to control himself. Deorro, hey buddy—grow up, and next time perhaps bring an extra Snickers to the show! Because we don't like you when you're hungry.