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The Weeknd Really Likes Sci-Fi Movies, Is a Confirmed Weeaboo in the "I Feel It Coming" Video

You can't have both Kiko Mizuhara and Daft Punk in this and not be a nerd.

We all know that Abel Tesfaye's a cinephile with an affinity for the movies of the 80s, so many of the references in his new, interstellar, Warren Fu-directed clip for "I Feel It Coming" don't come as too much of a surprise. Atmospheric shots of nebulae and galaxies are from 2001: A Space Odyssey, while the ending of Tesfaye turning into stone and disintegrating is an homage to Altered States. Ditto for the set design and grainy film stock. The hidden layer is, as always, anime.


Japanese actress/model/designer Kiko Mizuhara plays Tesfaye's love interest, and her presence makes what could have been interpreted as Star Trek into something way less boring. The ridiculously popular Mizuhara starred in the live-action film adaptation of equally ridiculously popular anime Attack on Titan as Survey Corps combat wunderkind Mikasa Ackerman (she kills man-eating giants with swords, it's pretty sick). Add to that a cameo by Daft Punk, who are even nerdier than Tesfaye for having made the incredible anime space opera musical Interstella 5555, and the weeb is strong with this video. Salute to everyone involved. Watch the "I Feel It Coming" video below.

Phil is clearly the bigger weeb for making these connections. He's on Twitter.