Mind-Bending Drone Photo Manipulations Turn America into a Roller Coaster
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Mind-Bending Drone Photo Manipulations Turn America into a Roller Coaster

Turkish photographer Aydın Büyüktaş creates 'Inception'-esque composite images of American landscapes.

Digitally manipulating the curvature of Earth, the photographs of Aydın Büyüktaş go beyond the limitations of human vision. Previously transforming a variety of locations in Turkey into dream-like multidimensional roller coasters with his Flatland project, Büyüktaş made a trip to the US at the end of last year to make Flatland II, featuring massive American landscapes without any visible horizons.

Büyüktaş got his initial inspiration from Edwin Abbott's sci-fi novella Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. The century-old story tells of a two-dimensional society who, after telling others about the existence of another dimension, is accused of being a heretic. "I was very impressed by the book written in 1884 exemplifying the difficulties in comprehending the way of interconnecting the dimensions and the inter-dimensional transition. The fact that the book tried to tell the inter-dimensional transition and the third dimension in second dimension corresponded to my inquiry about the third dimension," Büyüktaş says.


It took two months of meticulous planning, a month of aerial drone photography, and even more few months of compositing, to make a single photo. Büyüktaş stitches multiple photographs framed from different altitudes and angles to create his final images. Using a camera-equipped quadcopter, he flew, in total, about 10,000 miles, capturing American football and baseball fields, railroads in a desert, cow farms, and other scenes that extend the depths of vision with their simultaneously straight-on and aerial views. Büyüktaş describes his own mind-bending image series as a "multidimensional romantic point of view." Check out  Flatland II below: