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Check Out a Disco-Influenced Remix of a Hip-Hop Track by Laurent Garnier

Yep, Laurent Garnier is making downtempo beats now.

Laurent Garnier has been releasing music since 1991, which means he's spent 23 years building a reputation for rock-solid techno tunes. This year, however, he threw a curveball with the announcement of his most recent project, which involves a series of five releases spread out across five different labels and covering five different styles of music. The second record in the series, A13, dropped this week on Fulgeance's Musique Large label, and it finds the French stalwart experimenting with hip-hop and downtempo beat music. S3A's remix of "Dinosaurs Are Gone," which you can stream below, brings the original back to the dance floor with heaps of disco influence. On this version, S3A overlays a steady 4/4 stomp with indistinct chatter, strangled soul vocals, and a big, gummy walking bassline.


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