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Take A Memorable Trip In 'Fitz Packerton'

'Fitz Packerton' tells a traveler's tale... through luggage.

It's the flea market slash estate sale slash auction dream to find a piece of old luggage with more than just mothballs or torn lining preserved inside, right? Even if there's nothing of material value packed in there—no stash of diamonds or esoteric collectibles—the very experience of poring through the undisturbed contents has value in itself. From the receipts in a purse to the garments wrinkled in a suitcase, the allure is in the mystery of those items, and in the stories they can tell us.


Every container has the potential to tell a story through what's stowed inside. This is the premise that guides Fitz Packerton, a short but surprising little game by Teddy Dief, Brendon Chung, Sarah Elmaleh and Ryan Cousins.

Given that it comes from some of the folks responsible for Quadrilateral Cowboy and HyperLight Drifter, you might guess that Fitz Packerton is a little more than it initially seems to be. Though you're initially presented with a backpack and a collection of random items, this isn't a game of packing Tetris. It's not a sliver of 80 Days or Diablo where you have to handle a grid as expediently and efficiently as possible.

We're not talking about packing for a vacation a few days early. It's quick and dirty, imprecise and inelegant. It's efficient, but in a completely different way and to a completely different end.

Just like a piece of well-arranged luggage, Fitz Packerton does a lot with surprisingly little. It doesn't take much time or effort to unpack it all either. A few assets, a few vignettes, and barely any words are all that's needed to take you on a short but memorable trip, all rooted in that simple mystery. The story of a packed bag.

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