So PETA Asked Hunters & Collectors to Change The Name of Their Band

You know, for the animals...
March 3, 2017, 5:02am

In both a strange and strangely endearing move, it appears that PETA sent a letter to the iconic Australian band Hunters & Collectors this week, asking them to consider a "namelift" in time for duck hunting season. You know, to deter the people from thinking hunting and collecting was cool in any way. Cool like rock music, for example.

In a letter that PETA posted on their website, the organisation made the case that the band name Hunters & Collectors, might seem like it was promoting hunting and collecting as it were. The letter… maybe?… started out passive aggressive like you'd expect it to, before kind of, possibly, potentially revealing a more joke-y side to the email? Look, I don't really know.

"We feel sure that it was never you intention to promote the killing of intelligent, sensitive and defenceless animals," it starts out, "but your name may nevertheless make hunting seem appealing to your fans." It then goes on to say "…now is the perfect time to consider a namelift. Might you consider Hunters & Collectors of Antiques… or Beer Cans."

So. Yeah. Read the whole thing below and someone please, email me and tell me if you know what the tone of this email is. I'm confused.