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Collages Of Babes And Bling Come To Life

Rashaad Newsome’s recent work gets animated.

New York-based multimedia and performance artist Rashaad Newsome just released the full set of music videos for five different tracks off Swag The Mix Tape, the soundtrack to his most recent exhibition, “Herald.”

You can download the mixtape here, which was produced by Newsome in collaboration with artists like Stefanos Koroneos, Kevin Jourdan Zion Prodigy, Laurie Anderson, Maluca Mala and a few others. But better yet, take our advice and let these videos transfix you…


Known for juxtaposing high and low culture, blending elements of contemporary rap culture with the iconography of aristocratical hierarchy, Newsome introduces us to his female royal court of swag suspended in seas of multi-colored pearls and hypnotic grills. Bodacious babes vogue inside their frames— bejeweled rims the new coat of arms, geometric glossy gams the new fleurs-de-lis.

“Rain Has Fallen”

“Painting Opponents Red”

“Dance of the Succubus”

“Grand Duchess of Gainsville”