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Sweatshoppe Video Paint Europe With "Electronic Rollers"

Custom software and a projector give the illusion of video collages being painted onto walls across Europe.

SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

The Berlin wall has seen its fair share of graffiti over the years, but perhaps nothing like this video painting from duo Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy who go by the name Sweatshoppe. Armed with a projector, a car, a roller, and some bespoke software, they take off into the dark, night-covered streets of Europe to “paint” short-lived video collages on the sides of buildings and walls across the continent. From Berlin to London, Belgrade and Paris.


But while it may look like they’re painting animated images on to walls with special electronic paint rollers, this is but an illusion. Instead, the custom software tracks the rollers and the video is projected onto whatever surface they decide to “paint” while people in the street point and stare in amazement.

Below is another video of them painting, this time at the Dis-Patch festival in Belgrade, along with some stills from their European tour.

[via Vimeo]