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Behold! Thundercat Resurrects Yacht Rock with "Show You the Way"

Featuring gods of smooth Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.

Brainfeeder secret weapon Thundercat has announced a new album, Drunk, that's out on February 24. He's gifted us the first single "Show You the Way," an unapologetic deep dive into 70s yacht rock more than 40 years after the movement's peak. Because Thundercat has reverence for this ridiculously good time in music, he's recruited Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, the bearded dons of L.A. soft rock who are responsible for "What a Fool Believes," "This Is It," and "I Gotta Try," among many other objectively perfect songs.


As one listens to the flanged electric piano, luxurious grooves, and the impeccably crisp vocals of all three gentlemen, one realizes that this mood is what humanity has been searching for as a whole. When times are tough, America will go smooth. Listen to "Show You the Way" here.

Photo by Eddie Alcazar.

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