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Allie X Is a Sucker for the Sweet Sting on "Paper Love"

You know what you're getting into…
Jungle George

Toronto-born, LA-based pop artist Allie X expertly strolls the line between dark and dreamy—just see tracks like "Catch" and "Too Much to Dream." Her latest single, "Paper Love"—from her forthcoming LP CollXtion II, out June 9th—strikes that apt balance once again. The track, premiering below, is a salute to a cyclical love that hurts so good: You meet someone, you want to believe they're right for you, you know, deep down, they could hurt you, but you choose them anyway. And, when it stings like you feared it would, you choose them again.


In the chorus, the sugary-voiced songstress lays it all out: "Oh, I know that boy's gonna rip me up / Cause he ain't that nice / He won't do right / He'll leave a nasty cut." But when the most painful lyrical moment hits ("Oh, I cry until I just dissolve / Come and watch my heart turn to pulp / Like paper, paper love"), Allie X doesn't dwell on it; instead, the track surges forward with a whistling hook over a slinky, swaggering guitar riff—and you want more. The song echoes the situation—you're right back where you started.

"['Paper Love' is about] when you find yourself getting into [a romantic situation] that you know will rip you up and you do it anyway," the 31-year-old singer says. "[The term] 'paper love' [means] the kind of love that is too fragile and violent to work but still feels smooth and sexy and sharp and you can't help going forward with it. Like, 'Watch my heart turn to pulp!' It's like knowing [a situation] is going to hurt so good."