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Nebraska's Climate Change Deniers

Meet Nebraska's climate change deniers.
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Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE-01)

Poor climate change voting record

Voted in support of the Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011 (H.R. 910), which relied on climate change denial to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions—additionally excluding carbon dioxide from the definition of "air pollutant"—as a means to prevent further global warming and harm to human health.
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Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE-02)

Climate change denier

"I don't think we know for certain how much of climate change is being caused by normal cyclical changes in weather vs. human causes. I support legislation that allows for continued incremental improvement in our environment, but oppose extreme measures that create significant economic and job disruption."
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Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE-03)

Poor climate change voting record

"Unfortunately, the Obama administration has issued unilateral climate change regulations that threaten economic growth. Earlier this year, I voted to block these very climate change regulations, and will continue to oppose efforts to force Nebraskans to suffer higher energy costs for negligible results."
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Sen. Deb Fischer (R-NE)

Climate change denier

"Ms. Clowser [a legislative aide for Rep. Deb Fischer] told us that the senator acknowledges the climate is changing but believes it is due to natural cycles. She believes that improvements in coal-fired power plants and "clean coal" technology have satisfied concerns about pollution emissions."
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Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE)

Poor climate change voting record

Voted in support of S.J. Res. 24, a "resolution of disapproval" under the Congressional Review Act that would nullify the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan—the first nation-wide limit on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, and key climate change policy.
[League of Conservation Voters]

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