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Marilyn Manson’s Instagram Is the Most Disturbing Thing in the World

The God of Fuck has been trying to give his followers heart attacks for weeks now through a series of nightmarish videos.

This article originally appeared on Noisey Germany. 

Instagram is normally the perfect app to use before bed. Nice photos from a friend's latest vacation, funny memes, kitschy sunsets, cute animals and/or babies, footage of Snoop Dogg smoking blunt after blunt—it's prime sleep-inducing fodder. But you're shit out of luck if you're following Marilyn Manson. The self-proclaimed God of Fuck is likely responsible for all the nightmares you've been having over the past few weeks thanks to his recent video posts, which have left us feeling spooked.


Simply put: they're videos in which nothing happens, and they're always set at night. In one video, you can see the illuminated double cross from the cover of the artist's album Eat Me, Drink Me—right before the camera zooms in and then rapidly out, in a style similar to The Blair Witch Project—while an air raid siren à la Silent Hill sounds off for added paranoia. In another, you can hear harried breathing—the cameraman running, maybe—while screaming people flee from something unseen. The last video, published on April 17, is shot from a car that blows through a stop sign before dropping off its passenger. The camera pans to the glowing double cross once more and then cuts to a dark, shrouded figure standing motionless in the middle of the road.

Just look at this shit:

Sweet dreams.

Lead photo via Imago.

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