Black Lips Go “Squatting in Heaven,” Remain Both Filthy and Smart

The second single from 'Satan’s graffiti or God’s art?' doesn’t evolve the band’s sound, but it does sound like a fish sprouting legs and scuttling to shore.
April 13, 2017, 4:24pm

A few years ago, Atlantan snark-rock quartet Black Lips figured out who they were. I drop the pin somewhere around their fourth studio album, 2007's Good Bad Not Evil, which was catchy, sweaty, and comically ironic enough to get away with just about anything. Ten years on, their eighth LP, Satan's graffiti or God's art?, out May 5 on VICE Records, isn't likely to tear up the script. Yes, it was produced by Sean Lennon and, sure, half of the band has turned over since 2014's Underneath the Rainbow, but Black Lips are going to be Black Lips. They'll be fun as hell, filthy at the right times, absurdly entertaining onstage, and almost infuriatingly catchy at their best.


So, "Squatting in Heaven," the second single from Satan's graffiti…, is a fun, surfy, sax-heavy, snarled three minutes built around a bedroom-punk riff. It'll make you want three beers and a mosh pit and maybe a fancy dress night. (Halloween should have its own Easter). Listen to it below.

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