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Jimmy Fallon Does Good Bowie Impression, Brings In Nile Rodgers and Harry Styles for Live “Let’s Dance”

The Chic legend and former One Direction star helped Fallon with the coast-to-coast live intro.

For all of his drawbacks as a host—overexuberance, inability to stifle a laugh, desire to ruffle the hairpieces of aspiring dictators—Jimmy Fallon remains a naturally gifted impressionist and entertainer. If you've got eight minutes to kill this Sunday, check out his old audition tape for SNL, in which he does a better Adam Sandler impression than Adam Sandler himself and a brilliant sketch with the ghost of John Lennon before jumping into a series of musical impressions with a guitar around his neck. And while you're killing time, his Late Night swan song, a performance of The Band's "The Weight" with the Muppets, is every type of charming, from Fallon's take on Levon Helm to Animal's aharmonic screams at the end of every chorus.


Last night, Fallon returned to SNL to host for the third time. He was an obvious choice for SNL's first live coast-to-coast show, completely comfortable with the setting and the pressure, professional enough to get the job done, and enough of a draw to get folks in LA to tune in before the sun had fully set. He opened with an attention grabber, essentially giving up his monologue to perform David Bowie's "Let's Dance" with Nile Rodgers on guitar and Harry Styles's handsome face on camera for a moment. Fallon's Bowie is, inevitably, great. You should watch the whole song and dance above.

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