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West Virginia's Governor Brought Actual Bullshit to the State Capitol

On a silver platter.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
April 14, 2017, 7:56pm
Screengrab via the Washington Post

At a news conference in Charleston, West Virginia, on Thursday, Governor Jim Justice decided to do something drastic. Angry about the budget his Republican colleagues passed in the state's House and Senate, the Democrat politician decided to bring an actual pile of bullshit to the state capitol, the Washington Post reports.

In his public display, Justice stood among the capitol's marble pillars and bronze plaques—next to three silver platters—and used a couple of weird, mostly outdated metaphors to explain how he really felt about the budget plan.

"We don't have a nothing burger today," he said, lifting the lid on the first platter. Underneath, a roomful of confused reporters and legislators spotted a bare hamburger bun, sliced in half.

"And we don't have a mayonnaise sandwich today," he said, exposing—well, just that.

"What we have is nothing more than bunch of political bull you-know-what," he said. And there, atop a printed copy of the proposed budget, was an actual plate of poo.

Justice vowed to veto the proposed budget, which wanted to cut $90 million from the state's reserve fund. Apparently the governor was pissed the plan Republicans put forward didn't include an increase to the state sales tax, business taxes, or income taxes on the wealthy, prompting the theatrics, according to the Post.

"For that very reason, I'm signing my name on the budget veto," Justice said. "I hope and pray that the silliness will stop and we'll do the right thing."

It's not the first time a politician has brought a visual tool to get a point across. In January, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders brought a massive poster of one of Donald Trump's tweets to Congress to call the president out for flip-flopping on healthcare. And in February, Rhode Island representative David Cicilline tweaked the logo of _Stranger Things _to argue that living in Trump's America is kind of like being "stuck in the Upside Down."

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