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Apple's Wacky Vision of the Future From 1987 Never Gets Old

It's never a bad time for this classic 1987 forward-looking Apple ad.

Step into this YouTube time machine to see Apple's past vision of its weird future.

A video made by Apple in 1987 predicted a world of ubiquitous Apple products. Therapists and news anchors were things of the past, and Apple had its own version of Google Glass. In Apple's vision of the then-distant future of 1997, "Apple is in everything, from news to stand up comedy."

This video has made the rounds a few times, and it's making them again today after being resurfaced by Digg.

For those familiar with the company's history, the video envisions wild successes for Apple that, did not actually happen until years later. When the year 1997 actually came around, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Now valued at $733 billion, it's clear Apple turned its luck around. However, we still have yet to see those cool computerized Apple shades.