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Rockets, Penguins, Dystopia: Kill Zombies by Typing Motherboard's Favorite Words

Or you can use a meme-based, sexist, or racist dictionary, your call.

Nothing said "swift disappointment" like noticing a Super Mario game icon in your grade school's computer workshop and loading it up only to discover it was Mario Teaches Typing. It's like a video game, but instead of "having fun" you "learned to use a keyboard." Years passed, and in 2000 Sega went up against Mario and Mavis B​eacon in the typist edutainment market with Typing of the Dead, a variation on their zombie shooting arcade series that quickly became a cult hit. Instead of pointing and shooting a gun, you typed words that appeared on screen quickly to dispatch zombies.


In 2013, Sega and developer Modern Dream created a new version of the game for the PC, and they recently released an update that allows anyone to create their own stupid roster of terms to massacre the undead. Includin​g us!

"(If) you've been feeling like your word based ammunition has been running a little dry with the current dictionaries," wrote​ Sega, "then rejoice as your full zombie blasting keyboard fury can be re-stocked and unleashed upon the unsuspecting zombie masses."

This being an ample opportunity to exercise being a huge idiot through video game modifications (mods), (and stupid mods are alw​ays the best mods) the Steam Workshop page for the game has already started filling up with dictionaries for, let's see, me​mes, Pokémon, Devo lyrics, more memes, other zombie games, and those creepy memes. Of course, someone already made a "Social Justice" dictionary, which includes racist, sexist, and anti-semitic slurs.

Oh, and there are now dictionaries for other genuine languages. But you and I should expect more dictionaries composed of nerdy shit and memes in the coming days.

Because we at Motherboard are always on the forefront of technology, we're proud to announce that we will not miss out what is clearly a new digital frontier. Please feel free enjoy the Motherboard Typing of the Dead: Overkill mod, composed of more than 18,000 words and phrases gathered entirely from the tags of our articles. So expect plenty of science, startups, bitcoin terms, poo gold and a trip down memory lane of Uber's embarrassments. All of it weaponized against the living dead. Finally.

You can buy Typing of the Dead: Overkill on Steam, and find the instruction on how to install our mod or create your own here.