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A Twitch Streamer Got Arrested and Robbed Live

"Alienware is for noobs," Mr. Big told the police officer before he was arrested.

Jump to 10:25:50 for Mr. Big being loud, and 14:47:40 for the cop.

Well, that escalated quickly. A Twitch streamer who goes by the handle Mr_13ig (Mr. Big) was arrested and then promptly burglarized on the air last week while a small audience watched.

Mr. Big was livestreaming himself playing the multiplayer zombie survival game NewZ when an officer responding to a noise complaint knocked on his door. You can jump to the 10:25:50 mark in the archive of the Twitch stream to hear him shouting pretty loudly, but it's not like he's having a big party or anything.


Mr. Big later explained that he was arrested for not giving the officer his name, and you can hear him refusing, complaining about the way the officer is doing his job, and say other things you might have heard before in this sub-genre of YouTube videos where white people get incredibly lippy with police officers.

At one point, the officer ask Mr. Big if that's the computer he has is an Alienware, a Dell-owned brand marketed to gamers.

"Alienware is for noobs who don't know how to build a computer," Mr. Big explains.

When the officer finally asks Mr. Big to step out and arrests him, the camera stays on. The viewers who kept watching eventually saw Mr. Big's neighbor walk into the apartment, which was left unlocked, and take his Nike Air Jordans, wallet, and some other items.

The description on the video Mr. Big posted to YouTube says his viewers called the police, and his neighbor has since been arrested on felony charges. What an opus!

According to Mr. Big's Twitter account, he's located in Washington State, which doesn't have a "stop and identify" law requiring you identify if an officer reasonably suspects that you've committed a crime.

This isn't the first time we've seen someone arrested on Twitch, but in the past that's been because the streamer was "swatted," meaning someone called in a false threat at the streamer's address, which is incredibly dangerous. In this case, the whole situation seems like it could have been avoided, even if Mr. Big was technically within his rights.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported Mr. Big's handle Mr_13big. It is in fact Mr_13ig. The 13 is a "b."