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Fade to Mind's Rizzla Drops Riot-Filled Video for His New EP

Featuring his tracks "Iron Cages" and "Twitch Queen", the Yulan Grant-directed video maintains the producer's thought-provoking vision.

If there's one true thing about the work of NYC producer and #KUNQ mainstay Rizzla, it's that he doesn't shy away from addressing the political conflicts of our present time. This is the case whether it's laid out explicitly—his recent Iron Cages EP is named after a classic study of American racism by George Takaki—or implicitly, in the fervently charged atmosphere of his productions. Blast his stunning Fade to Mind mix and you'll know exactly what we're talking about.


Now when it comes to the endless artistic possibilities of a music video, it's even more exciting to see what Rizzla can do. Directed by Yulan Grant, who is part of #KUNQ with her SHYBOI project, the producer's just shared a thought-provoking video for his latest EP tracks "Iron Cages" and "Twitch Queen," as premiered by The FADER. Featuring vocals by Odile Myrtil, the video welds together decontextualized clips of outer space, mass riots, and armed state response, resulting in a smooth yet cacophonous onslaught working with the themes of hope and abjection.

In the video's press release, Rizzla explains that he wanted to subvert "the current American narrative of radicalized disruption, but not shy away from the reality of contemporary police violence." Check it all out below:

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