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Fancy Owning A Seedy Piece Of Acid House Memorabilia?

Of course you do.

For those of us who grew up through the boom of dubstep and bass music in the mid noughties, the bygone days of acid house have always seemed like a bit of a far away paradise, a period of unparalleled hedonism that we only see through occasional Channel 4 documentaries that count down the 20 GREATEST MOMENTS IN DANCE MUSIC HISTORY. That is, until now.

Mr C., the frontman of one of acid house's most influential acts The Shamen, has decided to dispense with his codpiece in the name of charity. That's not a weird metaphor or musical innuendo, he has genuinely put the codpiece and harness that he famously wore on Top Of The Pops for his performance of the chart-topping 'Ebeneezer Goode' up for auction. If you're interested in the codpiece's backstory, here's Mr C. to fill you in:


"Just before doing the first Top Of The Pops performance back in September 1992, I'd had some bad press from the Daily Star who were sensationalising the drug reference in their national daily smutty rag and also the indie inky Melody Maker had been running a weekly spoof attack on me as an annoying rapper (which many believe I was… lol). So I stuffed the cod piece with these 2 articles for the TOTP performance, which remain in the cod piece to this very day and will stay there as an exciting addition to this very sought after item."

If you fancy owning this tidbit of of rave history, go here to find out more information. The auction closes on Saturday 28th June.

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