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Hearing the New London Grammar Single is Like Experiencing a Beautiful Sunset

"Rooting For You" is a transcendent wash of pure beauty.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

You know when smug people on your Facebook post bad photos of beautiful sunsets or waterfalls that they have seen on their gap year? It's usually accompanied by a status about how they felt "humbled" and "changed" by the awesomeness of the natural phenomena with which they found themselves confronted, isn't it? And most of the time, yeah, you roll your eyes and keep scrolling, but what if I told you that you too can experience that feeling without even having to leave your house? All you have to do to reach that very level of transcendence is press play on London Grammar's new single "Rooting For You". The track premiered on Phil Taggart's BBC Radio 1 show last night, and though it's the group's first new music since their debut album If You Wait, it's as if they never left. Featuring a clear, sharp and overall frankly outrageous vocal from singer Hannah Reid, "Rooting For You" is a wash of pure beauty of the sort to rival the best of the revelations had by your posh mate in Thailand – and even better, you don't even have to get out of bed for this one. Listen to both the radio version and a special a capella version of "Rooting For You" below:


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