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Here's How You Can Join Women Protesting Trump Today

Women and allies from marginalized communities are protesting across 18 different US cities by skipping work and avoiding spending any money.
Woman holds a sign at a rally against president-elect Donald Trump. Photo by KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty

On Monday, while Donald Trump continues to pick fights with China and refuse to read his daily intelligence briefings, women around the country are joining forces to express their disgust for the new president-elect.

The nationwide protest—currently happening across 18 different US cities—asks women and allies from marginalized communities to take the day off of work and avoid spending any money. The protest organizers have been updating people via Facebook and outlining the day's activities and meetup points in Los Angeles, Portland, Houston, New York, Columbus, and Boston, among other cities.

"By striking out on December 12th we demonstrate our collective power as citizens and our determination to act as a check against any effort to erode the rights of women," the New York Facebook event reads. "In addition, we stand in solidarity with the myriad other groups the president-elect has maligned during his shameful campaign."

If you're unable to bail on work, the event encourages people to join in on a protest during lunch or just to avoid spending any money today. In New York, protestors are reportedly planning to march on Trump Tower at around 2 PM.