Inside 20 Years of Joan of Arc: Watch 'Your War (I'm One of You)'


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Inside 20 Years of Joan of Arc: Watch 'Your War (I'm One of You)'

Including unseen archival and unfettered access, this Noisey doc dives into singer Tim Kinsella's fractious childhood, the band's origins, and the highs and lows experienced in pursuit of their art.

Joan of Arc have long been one of indie rock's most influential, divisive, and enduring bands and in this brand new Noisey doc we headed to Chicago to spend some time with lead singer Tim Kinsella. Here we examine how Joan of Arc, and music in general, was a salvation for Kinsella, following a childhood punctuated by bullying and abuse. We speak extensively with his family and friends, not to mention members of the band both past and present, mapping Kinsella's road from Cap'n Jazz through to Joan of Arc's origins. With a new sound largely divorced from Cap'n Jazz's legacy, the documentary explores how the desire to create art fueled the band's ongoing twenty-year run, even in the face of visceral reaction from critics. The film chronicles the band's ups-and-downs and constant reinvention that continues to this day. Listen to all the songs in the film here below and watch the doc above.