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Chef's Night Out: Jamie Bissonnette of Toro NYC

Jamie Bissonnette of Toro NYC takes us out for a wild night in the city, starting with gin and tonics and devolving into "stuntman shots," with delicious eats along the way.

When we arrived at New York City's Toro, Chef Jamie Bissonnette warned us that we were going to be in for a night of heavy drinking. He hadn't had a night off with his friends in a long time, and rest assured that he came through on that promise.

After a shot of Fernet Branca at Toro, the crew heads out to John Dory Oyster Bar in Chelsea with a few portable gin-and-tonics in tow. Upon arriving, the guys throw back dozens of raw clams, then order up a few carta di musicas, which Jamie heralds as the "best bite" in NYC. Then it was down to Nolita for some champagne-sabering at Pearl & Ash, where there were wines to be sampled and potatoes bravas to be consumed.

The last stop before heading back to Toro is at The Four-Faced Liar in the West Village, where we find out about a little something known as the "stuntman shot." When Jamie is on the way back and realizes that he has to cook for everyone back at Toro, he's puzzled on what to make. But his prep cooks are kind enough to leave out some ingredients out for him, and the end results are some very memorable creations.

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