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Shane McMahon Throws Himself Twenty Feet Onto An Empty Table, The Undertaker Pins Him, This is Insane

How are these two old coots still alive?

HERE COMES THE MONEY from 20 FEET in the air!!! #HellInACell #Undertaker #OhMyGOD!! #WrestleMania
— WWE (@WWE) April 4, 2016

Good god, has Wrestlemania gone full-on maniacal? Shane McMahon, in the grudgiest of grudge matches between the oldest of old dudes imaginable—The Undertaker, 51, and Shane Mac, 46—climbed himself to the top of the (roofed!) cell (from hell!) to drop his ass 20 feet onto the announcers' table where The Undertaker once lay, I say "once," because the old coot scrambled out of the way at the last second to leave Shane Mac barreling through the table by himself like a penny through the skull of that person your parents told you about underneath the Empire State Building except thankfully, unlike the Empire State Building scenario, no one died in this situation as Shane Mac was cognizant enough to coax The Undertaker into MORE FIGHTING, and then they resumed and shit kept going down, as The Undertaker eventually pinned the man—oh my god I'm so excited, I refuse to make a period or a paragraph break, people (I just can't!)—to win the goddamn thing then The Undertaker has 23 fucking Wrestlemania victories underneath him at this point (with one loss or whatever), and Shane Mac was carted off with a thumbs-up and how are they both still alive nothing makes sense oh my god, this is mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!