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Cam Newton Says He Will "Slap the Shit" Out of a Heckler for Mentioning Bribery Scandal

If you don't want to get slapped by Cam, don't say "$180k" to the man.

Cam Newton may be at the top of his game, taking the Carolina Panthers to a flawless 11-0 start this season, but that doesn't stop the past from dragging him down.

Outside of the Auburn/Alabama game, a heckler stepped to Newton and yelled "$180k"—a clear reference to the money Cam's father Cecil asked for in a bribery scandal involving Mississipi State alumni.

Apparently both fans and Cam were still hung up on the incident, as Newton—who would later decide on Auburn, not the Bulldogs—snapped back at the heckler, threatening to "slap the shit" out of him. Not the most chill move on Cam's behalf.

Who knows? Maybe the heckler was just predicting how much he'd earn out of a law suit if Cam did it. That's some foresight for you there.