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Gucci Mane Proposes on Atlanta Hawks Kiss Cam and Whoa!!! Look at the Ring

It's nice to see somebody having a good 2016, at least.

Kiss Cam has been done to death. Ballpark proposals have been done to death. Ballpark proposals done via Kiss Cam have been done to death. However. Hip-hop superstar and Atlanta Hawks fan Gucci Mane breathed just a little life into the genre Tuesday night, proposing to girlfriend Keyshia Ka'oir during Atlanta's loss to the New Orleans Pelicans at Phillips Arena.

What's so special about Gucci's latest production? Other than the Hawks mascot bringing flowers and shaking his hand, which is always weird/funny because it's a mascot, check out the size of the rock he dished to his girl in this closeup:


Holy mother of pearl. The diamond band alone is its own diamond ring.

Gucci wore a custom East Atlanta No. 6 jersey from the Hawks for the occasion. It's a meaningful number in many ways for the future Mr. and Mrs. Mane—as the story goes, Gucci gave Ka'oir $2 million before he went to prison and she returned $6 million to him when he got out. So they have a trust, pardon the pun.

Now watch the proposal go down:

More angles!:

Gucci also played East Atlanta Santa by giving a fan a Rolex watch because, I don't know, he just wanted to?

What a whirlwind year it has been for the Mane man, who in June was released from an Indiana penitentiary after serving three years on federal drug and gun charges. After announcing that he has been sober for three years, Gucci released an album in July and followed up with his latest mixtape, Woptober, in October.

It's nice to see somebody having a good 2016.