This is What it Looks Like When You Get Cricketed Right in the Dibbly-Dobbly

You may never again see a more vicious and efficient bashing of another man's testicles than this.
January 5, 2017, 11:09pm

This right here is a poor cricket dude getting absolutely smoked in his googly berries. It is perhaps the most viciously efficient nutshot these eyes have ever seen. Our man with the bashed nuts is Hilton Cartwright and he was on the field for Australia's test match against Pakistan. Playing in the silly mid off position—which apparently means, like, two feet away from the dude swinging the bat—Cartwright was blasted in the balls by Younis Khan, and he never stood a chance.

Cripes. He barely reacted, but that might just be what it looks like when you go into shock when someone tees off from your scrotum. One of the commentators was so impressed, he marveled "That is special, I have not seen anything like that. He did not react at all. The hands did not move at all."

So Hilton, whenever you stop pissing like a kaleidescope, please know that your reaction to testicular obliteration was "special."

h/t Reddit